Mars Lander Captures UFO Over Mars

UFO Over Mars

On June 18, 2019, the Mars Lander captured a picture of an apparent glowing saucer-shaped UFO over the landscape of Mars. This image comes directly from the NASA website. The picture source can be found by clicking here.

Scott Waring of the website ( ) was the first to bring this to public attention. In his Youtube video on this event, he uses a grayscale filter that clearly shows this as a solid object that is there. Since the image is a raw image posted on the NASA website, it can be disputed. No one could have manipulated the image since the source is from a well-controlled NASA source. Unfortunately, this event is not getting any news exposure. Something so spectacular from a discovery perspective with a rock solid source has received barely a whisper in news circles.

We applaud Scott Waring’s diligence and focus on bringing us news that helps us understand we are not alone.

by: Bruce T

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